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Five things you should know about Abuma

Five things you should know about Abuma

When you select a partner to deliver high quality metal parts and upper level assemblies of your own design, you need a company that can produce the exact specifications you have provided.  Abuma Manufacturing is known for our reliability to deliver on our promises in the timeline you need, at the price you were quoted.   There’s only one company that can get the job done and get it done right when it comes to your fabrication needs and that’s Abuma.

Abuma has been an industry leader in manufacturing and fabrication since 1982. Our team of experts provide quality, dedication and a high level of professionalism to our products and customers.

Still considering if Abuma is the company for you?  Here are five things you should know about us to help you solidify your choice.

  1. Abuma is a privately held, family owned company.
    At Abuma, we are accountable to each other. Employees have gained a sense of ownership when it comes to the company due to their shared profitability. This is extremely important when it comes to the quality of work produced by employees. Employees who are invested in their jobs are more likely to produce highly effective and efficient products, which is exactly the case at Abuma.
  2. The employees and craftsmen/women are highly experienced.
    When it comes to manufacturing and fabricating custom pieces for our customers, we don’t want to leave anything to chance. This means that we hire the best, most qualified people for the job and give them access to the highest grade, latest machinery available so they can do their jobs right.  Our customers lean on our experience to recommend efficiencies and process improvements not integral to your design, to drive cost out of the fabrication process.
  3. Employees are trained on an on-going basis.
    As mentioned above, we hire the best and most qualified people for the job at Abuma; but we don’t stop there. We make sure to provide our craftsmen/women with ongoing training to further hone their skills and expand their knowledge of the job so that they can continue to provide valuable products for our clients.
  4. Innovation is encouraged.
    We don’t stop at ‘great.’ We want the very best. That’s why Abuma relies on innovation to keep us on the leading edge of technology and allow us to produce the best products and exceed our clients’ expectations.
  5. Financial strength and stability is secured through customer relationships and strategic growth.
    We value our customers and rely heavily on strong customer relationships in order to grow as a company. We make sure that we are operating in a safe and secure environment, meet high tolerance quality standards, and deliver promised products on tight deadlines in order to ensure our financial strength and stability is at an all-time high.  Our clients hold great trust in us and the commitments we make.  We won’t let them down.

When it comes to choosing a company for your manufacturing and fabrication needs, Abuma is the right choice. The proof is in the products (and the points listed above!).