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The Industries We Serve

The Industries We Serve

Abuma is not just any manufacturing and fabrication company. We are a manufacturing and fabrication company that deals with a wide-range of industries. We pride ourselves in knowing that we are assisting so many different companies, and that we are producing high quality products that meet their high standards.

What industries does Abuma serve?

The five main industries that we serve are environmental technologies, clean tech & renewable energy, electrical power, oil & gas, and security & defense. Each of these industries plays an integral role in our society, and we couldn’t be happier to assist with their operations by providing them with quality, efficient and effective products.

A bit about the industries;

The environmental technologies industry encompasses the protection, conservation, and preservation of our natural environment.  Specific fields we serve within this industry include wastewater management, water treatment, air filtration, solar generation, pyrolysis and bio-mass among others.

When it comes to clean tech & renewable energy, we work with clients across North America and the European Union to fabricate components and assemble equipment based on ground-breaking technologies. This industry is very important to our environment, and we continue to assist clients to create effective products that will further assist in the creation of renewable energy solutions.

Power and electricity is of daily necessity in today’s society.  Abuma has completed projects for North American companies involved in hydroelectric and nuclear generation.  We produce electrical transmission components and related equipment.  Companies within this industry require very detailed product specifications, and Abuma is proud to continue to meet their ever-growing standards.

The oil and gas industry is important to Canada’s energy needs and economic security.  Abuma is experienced in building large and sophisticated skid based process modules and electromechanical process equipment, serving as a project manager, purchaser, integrator and assembler for one stop client support.  We directly fabricate the metal components and upper level assemblies and integrate additional outside services like surface coatings, electrical systems, pneumatics, pumps, motors, controls and fittings as required.  Utilizing our exceptional Quality Management System, Abuma guarantees full operational control to deliver a competitively priced, turn-key solution, on-time, on-budget, every time.

Everyone understands the importance of the security and defense industry to supply the men and women of our armed forces the equipment they need to train and maintain readiness for national defence and/or contribute to international peace and security.   In order to do this, they need state-of-the-art technology and reliable parts of the highest quality.  Abuma plays an integral role of ensuring that our industry partners can provide our allies the equipment they needs in a timely and efficient manner so that they can continue to do their job. More than ever, this industry needs high-quality products that will not fail, and for this, they choose the best.

Abuma has a large expertise in a number of important industries. You can be sure that whatever your needs, we can take care of them.